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Funding possibilities for your international adventure

International Office is happy to help you with information about scholarships for mobility.

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Funding possibilities

So you have figured out where you want to go? Then you might be interested in getting a little financial support for your trip!

Plenty of different funding opportunities exist, depending on where you want to go and what you will be doing there (study, internship, thesis research …).

Continue reading for a short introduction on the different opportunities or check out the overview of all funding possibilities on the KU Leuven student mobility website.

I am going abroad somewhere in Europe

If you are thinking about an exchange at a destination within Europe, you will probably be familiar with Erasmus+.

You can apply for an Erasmus+ grant through your own faculty, so make sure to check with your faculty or exchange coordinator to get informed about the application procedures specific to your programme.

For more information, check out these pages:

Going on an exchange at an institution in Brussels or Wallonia?
You can apply for an Erasmus Belgica grant.

I am going abroad somewhere outside of Europe

When you are planning on travelling outside of Europe for an exchange, Erasmus+ is a less evident choice, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Mobility Grants

For KU Leuven partner institutions around the world, you can apply for a mobility grant that is funded by the Flemish government or KU Leuven.

Your choice of destination will have to be approved by your faculty first; then they will provide you with all you need to know about the application procedure.

Have you been selected for an exchange at a destination that is included in the Global Exchange Programme ? Then you are in luck, because your 1000 euro grant is guaranteed upon application!

Travel Grants to the South

If you are planning on doing an internship or thesis research at an organisation in the Global South (destinations in Africa, Asia and South America), then Travel Grants to the South are your perfect fit!

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Even more opportunities

Some additional exclusive and very interesting programmes exist that you might not know about yet. Have you ever thought about a doing an international Summer School, a traineeship in the U.S. or something completely different?

You can find an overview of all funding possibilities and programmes on the KU Leuven website for student mobility.