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Humasol sends students to the South to support projects on renewable energy, water and sustainable technology.


Interested in an international project?

Are you interested in carrying out a project on renewable energy, water or sustainable technology in the South? We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to help with our mission. Do you have a technical, economic or social background? Then stand as a candidate and tell us why you want a project with Humasol!

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Internship, thesis or volunteering?

  • A Humasol project can count as an internship for a varying amount of study points, depending on your department or school. In order to find out what your options are, you can contact the internship coordinator of your faculty or department. Humasol members that study or have studied at the same department, can definitely help you out with all the practical details.
  • In addition, projects can also be part of your thesis research. In order to find out more about approved thesis proposals you can contact Humasol’s recruiter via
  • Already graduated or will you be graduated by the time you would actually start implementing your project? You can still participate as a volunteer. A project with Humasol can be a great transition from your time as a student to your professional career.

Get an idea of a Humasol project in Uganda

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