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On exchange at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Broaden your horizons, learn to put things into perspective, improve your language skills, learn to stand on your own two feet, integrate into another culture and engage globally: it all offers added value to your academic training!

On these pages you will discover a range of possibilities for an international study experience through a European exchange programme, a field course in Africa or Latin America, a master's thesis, a major in Chile, Stellenbosch or Taiwan, or an internship in the Global South.

When you choose one of these study experiences abroad, you can always count on professional support.

My destinations as a student of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Select your study programme to view your options for semester exchange.

Info sessions

  • Thursday 26.11.2020
    17:00 - 21:00

    Chat with Kristel, Julie and Matt

    Chat session

    For all your questions, please chat with the international team of the faculty

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On Erasmus at Bachelor level

In the bachelorprogramme you can study one semester at one of our European partner universities.

Check out more information of our partners on the pages on this Go Global website.

Convinced? Go to the general information webpage to find out which steps you need to take now.

Sara en Kevin Kyoto University voor Klokkentoren

Semester Exchange at Master level

At the master level you can study abroad for one semester at one of our partner universities on an "own initiative" or a specialisation track with our partners in Chile, South Africa or Taiwan.

On our Go Global pages you can find more information on our faculty partner insititutions.

Besides you also have the chance to study at one of the partner universities of the Global Exchange Programme (GEP), the Central Bilateral Agreements (CBA) or Global Engineering Education Education Exchange (GE3).


Other Study Abroad Experiences

Besides the semester exchanges there are many other possibilities for an international experience: the research for your master thesis, an internship, an integrated project, a summer course, internationalisation @ home,...

The locations for these activities are not mentioned on our Go Global pages, since they vary every year. Check our webpages with general information, to find out more.

Different student organisations offer the possibility for an international experience in Belgium and abroad. Make yourself familiar with their activities!

Go Global FBIW 2020

Information Booth Go Global

The international team at the faculty is availble in the chatsession during the whole Go Global Fair.

Afterwards you can contact us via e-mail or phone.


Kristel Rock
Coordinator for Erasmus - Semester Exchanges
Julie Go Global
Julie Willebrords
Policy Advisor
Matt Tips 002
Matt Tips
Policy Advisor
Jean Marie Aerts
Jean-Marie Aerts
Academic Responsible for International Policy